Most guides that talk about why you should tint car windows focus on summer.

After all, tinted car windows lessen the heat from the sun when it gets the most unbearable. It also significantly protects your eyes from the sun’s glare, increase safety and security by holding together window shards during an accident and not letting would-be thieves have a glimpse of what’s in your car, and reduce energy consumed by lowering the interior heat, thus minimizing the need for air-conditioning. However, the winter season doesn’t mean you can relax and postpone that window tinting for when you think you need it most.

In fact, some of the problems that you’d avert by tinting your car in the summer are the same problems you’d avoid when you tint your car in the winter.

After all, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t affect you anymore – it still does, just with the less heat. And just because there’s lesser visibility doesn’t mean thieves won’t be able to see through your car, or you won’t have to deal with accidents that might shatter your car windows. And the glare is still there – and it’s intensified by the snow itself. So, why should you really tint car windows even if it’s wintertime? This infographic from Global Tint will give you all the reasons to consider doing it sooner than you planned.

reasons to tint your car in winter

Your car in winter

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