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Driving Course Rate

The Best Value MTO Approved Driving Course Rate for 20 hours in-class and 10 hours in-car lessons + certificate + insurance discount
Now Only For $299!

Free pick up and drop off 

MTO Approved Beginner Driver Educations Course Package1

20 Hours In-Class, 10 Hours In-car & 10 Hours Homework
Full Course $ 399.00
Tax $ 51.87
Beginner Driver Education Certification Fee $ 63.13
Total $ 514.00

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driving package special

North York Driving School


MTO Approved Beginner Driver Educations Course Package2

20 Hours In-Class, 10 Hours In-car & 10 Hours Homework
Full Course $ 434.13
Instructor car for the road test $ 100.00
Road test booking $ 50.00
Tax $  75.93
Total Price $ 660.06

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Mini Road Test Package 1

3 Lessons In-car + Road Test G2 (driving instructor car for the road test) $ 270
Now Only $ 200.00 ( Tax free )Save $ 70.00


Mini Road Test Package 2 – THE MOST POPULAR G2 PACKAGE

5 Lessons In-car + Road Test G2(instructor car for the road test ) $ 325
Now Only $ 250.00 ( Tax free ) You Save $ 75.00


Mini Road Test Package 3

10 Lessons In-car + Road Test G2(instructor car for the road test) $ 450
Now Only $ 385.00 ( Tax free ) Save $ 65.00


Express Package For G Licence

3 Lessons In-car + Road Test G(instructor car for the road test ) $ 310
Now Only $ 230.00 ( Tax free ) Save $ 90.00

* MTO fees are not included, it has to be paid before booking the road test.  

Individual Driving School Services

Individual In-Car Lessons (45 minutes) City for G2 road test $ 30.00
Individual In-Car Lessons (45 minutes) Highway for G road test $ 35.00
Car for Road Test G2 License $ 100.00
Car for Road Test G License $ 110.00

! A refund can be issued up until 90 days from the payment date if the student was unable to start classes.
!Packages including a driver instructor’s car are offered only for examinations in Downsview and Victoria Park.

At our Driving School in North York, we provide outstanding quality for the best driving course rate value!

Other benefits:

  • If you take the MTO Approved BDE course with us – your waiting time for booking the G1 driver licence road test will be reduced to 8 months instead of 12 (when you already passed your G1 driver licence written test).

  • Upon the completion of the MTO Approved BDE course at our driving school – you will get a certificate for an auto insurance discount

Call us today to register and get the best driving course rate!

You can read more about MTO Approved Beginner Driver Educations Course and its providers on the MTO Website.


driving course rates

You Will Find Here The Best Driving School’s Driving Course Rates


  1. aNNE Daniel

    I am taking my G2 road test (I have a G1 currently) on June 24th and I want to book some 1-hour in-car sessions for practice and training as I do not own a car.

  2. Ernesto l ponce

    Is this the same as Golan Driving School? Why same address but different pricing? I am a professional driver in the philippines with a valid driver’s license and a certificate from the embassy. I want a fast tract to getting a license. can I get the “g” license in one day from “G1”?

    • sprint

      Hello Ernesto,
      Sprint Driving School is the MTO approved driving school.
      Only schools found in the MTO list of schools are actual driving schools – please check the government website for it here:
      We don’t have the same address with the other driving school in question.
      Our address is 5987 Bathurst Street, Unit 2A, Toronto, ON M2R 1Z3
      Please call me to 416-402-4124 to discuss your question.
      thank you,
      Igor Isaev

  3. Natasha K

    Igor,thank you very much for helping me to pass my G2 exam.Igor is very professional,clear in his instructions,friendly,extremely punctual,flexible with schedule.I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a fantastic driving instructor for anyone.

  4. Hasina

    I have a my g2 license but haven’t been practicing for a while and i have little confidence in my skills in order to obtain a g license. what package do you think would work best for me?

    • sprint

      Hi Hasina, I would recommend to take one driving lesson so we can asses your skills and see how many more lessons you need to take in order to gain your confidence back. It can be the mini package of 3 driving lessons + driving test. You can call us at 647-430-1925

  5. Eric

    I am thinking about getting my G1 and G2 down this year.
    I have decided to choose Sprint Driving school to get the job done.
    Where do I go to get more info about which package to choose and when can I start? also what can i do to be able to pass the written test?
    thank you and I look forward to going to sprint driving school soon.

    • sprint

      HI Eric,
      Thank you for choosing the Sprint Driving School in North York for getting your driver education.
      I will recommend you to sign up for the BDE course, this is the best package value-wise for you.
      During the in-class instructions you will get all the information and homework to pass your written test successfully.
      For any other information please don’t hesitate to contact us on 647-430-1925
      Thank you,
      Igor Isaev
      Sprint Driving School owner

  6. Jasmin

    Hi there,

    I’m looking for a good driving school as I do have NO experiecen whatsoever. I obtained my G1 (Learners Permit) in 2013. However, I want to learn and drive with an automatic. My husband owns a stick shift, so he can not really teach me.

    What type of car(s) do you use (transmission, brand of car, etc.)
    Since it has been over 2 years would you suggest to take some in-class lessons as well?

    Thanks in advance.



  7. alex

    hello. i am interested in your express package for g license. im trying to decide between driving schools. why should i pick you guys? i live in north york that only seems to be advantage. anything else?

  8. Azi

    Hello sprin driving
    Do you have age restrictions. I have two teens, 16 & 17 years old, and I want them to start learning the basics of driving at your renowned schools.

    • sprint

      Hello Azi, thank you for the question.
      We don’t have age restrictions from 16 and up. Your kids can start in-class lessons at our driving school at any time and to start taking driving lessons they should have G1 licence (to pass the theory test).

  9. Lorena

    I have a philippine driver’s license from philippines but i still want to enroll in driving school here iN toronto canada becaUse i’m not a good driver. Please advise.

  10. Vitali

    After 2 unsuccessful attempts to pass the G2 test, I contacted the Sprint Driving School which helped me immensely to get some missing driving skills, self-confidence, and prepared me in less than 10 hours to pass the test flawlessly. Today was my happiest day, the day for which I was very long and worked very hard for :). I am grateful to the Sprint Driving School, and especially, to the school’s owner and my driving instructor Igor Isaev. He is the best Driving Instructor ever!!!! Many thanks for his tolerance, for his very understandable explanation of correct behavior on the road and for the welcoming and friendly atmosphere during his driving classes. I wish Igor health and patience, and prosperity to his driving school! Come here to learn and you will not regret!!!

  11. Ana

    I had two unsuccessful attempts to get my G license and so i decided to do more research and look for a better driving school. I’m happy to say that Sprint Driving School, special mention to Igor Isaev my driving instructor and school owner, is the best!!!

    I read good reviews about this school and Igor. At first i had doubts if the reviews are true but the good reviews are indeed true and i can tell you based on my experience why:

    1. Igor is very professional, punctual, patient, and he is truly gifted because he has a way to make you understand the driving situations.
    2. You will feel comfortable with him because of his friendly and professional demeanor.
    3. He is detailed and that helped me a lot because he pointed out (and remembers) my mistakes and he always make sure that I understand the situation. He is more than willing to clarify any doubts.
    4. Safe and defensive driving – I will always remember him for this.
    5. I passed my G test!

    Thank you so much Igor and thank you Sprint Driving School.

    I will definitely recommend this school to anyone who not only want to pass the test but who also wants to be a safe driver in the road!

    All the best to you 🙂

  12. Crystal Gao Valdez

    IN :


    PLEASE CALL ME AT 905-709-8958 OR 647-772-4141 647-763-5231



  13. len

    Yey! … passed G2 and G test! Thanks to Igor who had been very patient in pointing out what
    my mistakes were while having driving lessons, and at the same time commends me for things that I did well.
    At first, my focus was just to pass the road test, but he made me realize that driving safely with good judgement will always be a lesson for life.

    Sprint Driving School is defineitely a good choice to all drivers who not just want to be better, but BEST!

  14. Nishant Mittal

    Hi, I live in downtown toronto and my g2 license is expiring in 6 months. I need to book my g test; however before doing that i need to have a refresher course to brush up driving skills. can you recommend which package will be best ? also, do you offer it on weekends (as that is the only day available for me to practice)?


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MTO Approved BDE Courses

MTO Approved BDE Courses

Our Driving School guarantees the best quality of MTO Approved BDE Courses. Known as one of the best driving schools in North York, we have 20 years of experience in helping our students learn the art of driving. What our students learn in the classroom is what they practice in the car with the driving instructor.

Private in-car driving lessons

Private in-car driving lessons

Our Driving School in-car instructors demonstrate all life-saving techniques during the driving lesson. Our students have the opportunity to practice these skills with a professional by their side. That means when it happens in real life – they’ll know what to do!

Great Experience with our driving school

Great Experience with our driving school

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