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The Best Value MTO Approved Driving Course Rate for 20 hours in-class and 10 hours in-car lessons + certificate + insurance discount
Now Only For $299!

Free pick up and drop off

MTO Approved Beginner Driver Educations Course Package1

20 Hours In-Class, 10 Hours In-car & 10 Hours Homework
Full Course $ 399.00
Tax $ 51.87
Beginner Driver Education Certification Fee $ 63.13
Total $ 514.00

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driving package special

North York Driving School


MTO Approved Beginner Driver Educations Course Package2

20 Hours In-Class, 10 Hours In-car & 10 Hours Homework
Full Course $ 434.13
Instructor car for the road test $ 100.00
Road test booking $ 50.00
Tax $ 75.93
Total Price $ 660.06

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Mini Road Test Package 1

3 Lessons In-car + Road Test G2 (driving instructor car for the road test) $ 270
Now Only $ 200.00 ( Tax free )Save $ 70.00


Mini Road Test Package 2 – THE MOST POPULAR G2 PACKAGE

5 Lessons In-car + Road Test G2(instructor car for the road test ) $ 325
Now Only $ 250.00 ( Tax free ) You Save $ 75.00


Mini Road Test Package 3

10 Lessons In-car + Road Test G2(instructor car for the road test) $ 450
Now Only $ 385.00 ( Tax free ) Save $ 65.00


Express Package For G Licence

3 Lessons In-car + Road Test G(instructor car for the road test ) $ 310
Now Only $ 230.00 ( Tax free ) Save $ 90.00

* MTO fees are not included, it has to be paid before booking the road test.

Individual Driving School Services

Individual In-Car Lessons (45 minutes) City for G2 road test $ 30.00
Individual In-Car Lessons (45 minutes) Highway for G road test $ 35.00
Car for Road Test G2 License $ 100.00
Car for Road Test G License $ 110.00


! A refund can be issued up until 90 days from the payment date if the student was unable to start classes.
!Packages including a driver instructor’s car are offered only for examinations in Downsview and Victoria Park.

At the Sprint Driving School in North York, we provide outstanding quality for the best driving course rate value!

Other benefits:

  • If you take the MTO Approved BDE course with us – your waiting time for booking the G1 driver licence road test will be reduced to 8 months instead of 12 (when you already passed your G1 driver licence written test).

  • Upon the completion of the MTO Approved BDE course at our driving school – you will get a certificate for an auto insurance discount

Call us today to register and get the best driving course rate!

You can read more about MTO Approved Beginner Driver Educations Course and its providers on the MTO Website.

30 comment

    • aNNE Daniel

      Date : 05 Jun Reply

      I am taking my G2 road test (I have a G1 currently) on June 24th and I want to book some 1-hour in-car sessions for practice and training as I do not own a car.

      • sprint

        Date : 07 Jun Reply

        Hi Anne,
        thank you for contacting our driving school.
        Please call us at 416-579-0544 to book your driving lesson and the road test assistance.

        Igor Isaev

      • Jared

        Date : 04 Mar Reply

        What type of cars do you guys have to choose from?

        • sprint

          Date : 04 Mar Reply

          In our driving school we mostly prefer Toyota cars

    • Ernesto l ponce

      Date : 10 Jun Reply

      Is this the same as Golan Driving School? Why same address but different pricing? I am a professional driver in the philippines with a valid driver’s license and a certificate from the embassy. I want a fast tract to getting a license. can I get the “g” license in one day from “G1”?

      • sprint

        Date : 10 Jun Reply

        Hello Ernesto,
        Sprint Driving School is the MTO approved driving school.
        Only schools found in the MTO list of schools are actual driving schools – please check the government website for it here: http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/driver/driving-schools.shtml
        We don’t have the same address with the other driving school in question.
        Our address is 5987 Bathurst Street, Unit 2A, Toronto, ON M2R 1Z3
        Please call me to 416-402-4124 to discuss your question.
        thank you,
        Igor Isaev

    • Kortney

      Date : 10 Jun Reply

      very good post, i certainly love this web site, carry on it

    • Natasha K

      Date : 12 Jun Reply

      Igor,thank you very much for helping me to pass my G2 exam.Igor is very professional,clear in his instructions,friendly,extremely punctual,flexible with schedule.I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a fantastic driving instructor for anyone.

    • google app store

      Date : 26 Jun Reply

      This is a topic that’s near to my heart… Cheers!

      Exactly where are your contact details though?

    • Hasina

      Date : 19 Sep Reply

      I have a my g2 license but haven’t been practicing for a while and i have little confidence in my skills in order to obtain a g license. what package do you think would work best for me?

      • sprint

        Date : 01 Oct Reply

        Hi Hasina, I would recommend to take one driving lesson so we can asses your skills and see how many more lessons you need to take in order to gain your confidence back. It can be the mini package of 3 driving lessons + driving test. You can call us at 647-430-1925

    • Eric

      Date : 04 Oct Reply

      I am thinking about getting my G1 and G2 down this year.
      I have decided to choose Sprint Driving school to get the job done.
      Where do I go to get more info about which package to choose and when can I start? also what can i do to be able to pass the written test?
      thank you and I look forward to going to sprint driving school soon.

      • sprint

        Date : 09 Oct Reply

        HI Eric,
        Thank you for choosing the Sprint Driving School in North York for getting your driver education.
        I will recommend you to sign up for the BDE course, this is the best package value-wise for you.
        During the in-class instructions you will get all the information and homework to pass your written test successfully.
        For any other information please don’t hesitate to contact us on 647-430-1925
        Thank you,
        Igor Isaev
        Sprint Driving School owner

    • Jasmin

      Date : 21 Dec Reply

      Hi there,

      I’m looking for a good driving school as I do have NO experiecen whatsoever. I obtained my G1 (Learners Permit) in 2013. However, I want to learn and drive with an automatic. My husband owns a stick shift, so he can not really teach me.

      What type of car(s) do you use (transmission, brand of car, etc.)
      Since it has been over 2 years would you suggest to take some in-class lessons as well?

      Thanks in advance.



      • sprint

        Date : 10 Feb Reply

        HI Jasmin,

        To take in-class course is always good for refreshing your knowledge and to get a driving school course certificate which will give you a car insurance discount.

    • Sam

      Date : 28 Jan Reply

      is the prices of $299 for 20hr in-class and 10hr in-car before or after tax?

      • sprint

        Date : 10 Feb Reply

        Hi Sam,

        the Driving Course Special Price you are asking about it listed before tax

    • Richa agrawal

      Date : 06 Feb Reply

      Hi, Do you provide home pick UP AND DROP off for g2 in car training? I live at yonge and sheppard.

      • sprint

        Date : 08 Feb Reply

        Hi Richa,
        thank you for your inquiry.
        we provide pick up and drop off service for our driving classes students.

    • Sahil

      Date : 10 Aug Reply

      Hello there,

      I just went through the 2 packages above for the full course. I am unable to understand the price increase under “full course” from Package 1 to 2. How does that change? Is the “full course” in the first package not really a full course then?

      Thanks for clarifying in advance.

      • sprint

        Date : 01 Sep Reply

        HI Sahil,

        you can see that the second package includes driving test booking and driving instructor vehicle for the test

    • Ella Villanueva

      Date : 12 Sep Reply

      Hi, I acquired my G1 last January and I have not been practicing. What package can you recommend so I could finally drive and pass my G2 test soon?

      • sprint

        Date : 12 Sep Reply

        Hi Ella,
        MTO Approved Beginner Driver Educations Course Package1 and Package2 will be a great driving training package for you.
        You can call Igor Isaev at 416-402-4124 for the details

    • Attila

      Date : 06 Jan Reply


      I would lile to take your beginner course st your school. You were recommended st my job. I live in Markham though. Will you still provide pick up and drop off for the in car instructions? Thank you.


    • Danny

      Date : 09 Jan Reply

      I have my g1 for about 6 months now, looking forward to getting my g2 as soon as possible which package do u think is reasonable and how long do you think it would take to get my g2

      • sprint

        Date : 09 Jan Reply

        HI Danny, the MTO Approved Package 1 or Package 2 is your best choice.
        And you can start driving lessons right away. Please call us at 416-402-4124 to register

    • Ecoy

      Date : 26 Jan Reply

      Hello,i have my G1 license but it just expired last year..could you guys provide the G1 test?like package and i am be able to proceed for G2 class??thanks

    • Elise

      Date : 16 Mar Reply

      Hello, what is the Beginner Driver Education Certification Fee (Pkg 1) and what is it used for? Can I buy Pkg 1 without it? (Also, why is it in Pkg 1 but not Pkg 2?) Thank you!

    • Maksym

      Date : 13 Apr Reply

      Many thanks to Igor for preparing me to G exam!

      Igor is a great expert. In my case it was express course (I have 10 years experience of driving in my country, I passed G1 and it was necessary to pass G): Igor helped me to quickly understand local driving particularities and adjust my driving manner to Ontario standards. 3 lessons – and I successfully passed my G exam from the first attempt.

      Thank you very much, Igor!!!

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