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Sprint Driving School North York is your reliable Ministry-Approved BDE Corse Provider and Driving Education Center

Igor Isaev is the Owner of Sprint Driving School in North York

Igor Isaev – Sprint Driving School North York Owner

Our Driving School in North York has 20 years of experience in helping our students learn the art of safe driving. In addition to our professional, one-on-one approach, we are dedicated to providing friendly, reliable driving instruction services.

We promise that our driving school in North York students will evolve into drivers that feel safe, calm, and comfortable on the road and develop a strong understanding of the laws and regulations.

Our highly qualified driving instructors and staff are always there to lead you in the right direction or answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re a beginner driver or just refreshing for a road test, we are here to make sure that you receive whatever help you need.

driving lessons with the best driving instructor in North York

Get your driving licence with the best driving school North York

We feel responsible for educating tomorrows drivers as our mission is to help create a safe driving environment.

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Message from the Sprint Driving School North York Owner – Igor Isaev

Igor Isaev - Sprint Driving School Owner

My years of experience in the field of driving education allows me to guarantee your success. An individual approach in our driving school provides a high quality of training, preparing you to pass the driving test, for a driver’s license of category G2 and G, the first time, regardless of your age( 16+) and previous experience. We will teach you to drive competently and confidently, so your driving is safe for you and the others.
The driver should be relaxed at the wheel, and that will happen to you only after a certain psychological, theoretical and practical training – You can be sure that you will be provided with the absolute best training that Sprint Driving School North York offers.

Happy Driving, Igor Isaev


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  1. JEss

    HI igor,

    I’m looking to take a refresher course as i already hold a ‘G’ licence and have not driven for many years. I just need to get my driving confidence back. Could you please advise me your charges.

    Thank you.

  2. melissa balyk

    hi, my name is Melissa balyk
    I am looking for a good place to learn how to drive. I was wondering if you can email me information about your driving school company.

    thank you very much

  3. leon

    I have passed g1 written test. And I have driving experience for six years in china. Which course is more suitable for me if I want to get g2 within 1 month.

    • sprint

      Hi Leon,
      MTO -approved beginner driver education course is the right way to go.
      Sprint Driving School in North York is the provider of such a BDE course.
      It is a full package with driving lessons. Please call us to register at 647-430-1925

  4. Haveela


    I am new to the country and have never gotten my driver’s LICENsE before. What is the best cheaper package? how does this work? When will i get my learner’s license?

    Thank you

  5. Sowmya

    I AM A G2 LICENSE HOLDER AND I AM DRIVING in city FOR THE PAST 2 MONTHS. i haven’t driven on a highway yet. can i have 1 or 2 hours class to help me practise on a highway.
    also, i have a car and can i practise in the same car or should i practice in instructor’s car?

    Thank you so much.

    • sprint

      Hi Sowmya,
      please call us to book your driving lessons at (416) 402-4124 or (647) 430-1925.
      You are practicing with driving instructor in his professionally equipped, according to the MTO standards, vehicle.

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MTO Approved BDE Courses

MTO Approved BDE Courses

Our Driving School guarantees the best quality of MTO Approved BDE Courses. Known as one of the best driving schools in North York, we have 20 years of experience in helping our students learn the art of driving. What our students learn in the classroom is what they practice in the car with the driving instructor.

Private in-car driving lessons

Private in-car driving lessons

Our Driving School in-car instructors demonstrate all life-saving techniques during the driving lesson. Our students have the opportunity to practice these skills with a professional by their side. That means when it happens in real life – they’ll know what to do!

Great Experience with our driving school

Great Experience with our driving school

We do our best to provide parents with the most reliable service and teach their teenage kids the art of driving. We take the trust and the responsibility for tomorrow's safe drivers seriously. The great feedback from our students and their parents is our most valuable asset!