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Distracted driving kills

The Deadly Truth About Distracted Driving – Distracted driving kills Yes – the distracted driving kills. If you text when you’re driving, you are 23 times more likely to crash. You may think that when you’re texting you can still focus on the road but it is simply not true. So much can happen on […]


Tint car windows in the winter

Most guides that talk about why you should tint car windows focus on summer. After all, tinted car windows lessen the heat from the sun when it gets the most unbearable. It also significantly protects your eyes from the sun’s glare, increase safety and security by holding together window shards during an accident and not […]


kids being left in cars

It’s the middle of summer, which is usually the time of year we start talking more about kids being left in cars. 3 moms left kids in hot cars this Wednesday, on a day when temperatures hovered around 37 degrees. (You can see more information about it here …) In all these 3 cases people noticed crying kids […]


Вы когда-либо касались телефона за рулём?

Если вы когда-либо касались телефона за рулём – посмотрите это Мы постоянно слышим, что отвлекаться на мобильный телефон во время вождения – смертельно опасно. Легко не обращать внимание на это сообщение и относиться к нему, как к фону, потому что мы слышим об этом отовсюду. Но это действительно смертельно опасно. Даже те из нас, кто […]


Driving Test -Top 10 Mistakes

Feeling nervous about your Driving Test? Don’t worry. We prepared the “10 common mistakes to avoid on the driving test” list, which will make it easier for you to prepare to your own driving test and pass it with confidence. The driving test (also known as behind the wheel test, road test and practical test) […]