Driving Tests Infographic – What Are the Rules Worldwide?

Gaining a driving licence is a momentous occasion in anyone’s life. If the licence is
obtained at a young age, there is a profound sense of freedom that comes with
actually being able to legally get behind a wheel.

Of course actually passing a driving test isn’t easy – well that depends on what
country you reside in as the laws can very much vary!

Here in Canada, provincial and territorial governments issue out drivers licences. Once you
obtain a driving licence (you can read more about obtaining a driving licence in Canada here) you can drive anywhere in Canada. You must however have it with you whenever you are driving.
This infographic from FA Wheels shows some interesting statistics and data about obtaining a driving licence around the world. Some of the facts may shock you – especially for Mexico for example…

Check it out below!

Driving Test

Interesting facts on driving test

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