Infographic – Could Your Car Seat Save Your Child’s Life?

When travelling in a car, babies and young children are required by law to travel in a suitably-sized seat

which conforms to road safety regulations. In Canada, for instance, any child car seat labels need to be

printed in both French and English, while the minimum weight requirement for a booster seat is 18kg.

Tether straps are compulsory for front-facing child car seats, while inversion tests and unique booster

deflection tests are mandatory.

Regulations on child car seats in Canada were updated in 2012 to stipulate, amongst other things, that

lap/shoulder seat belts must be tested for all child car seats; an infant is now defined as weighing up to

10kg; the maximum allowable weight limit of a car seat is 30kg; and on school buses, harnesses can be

certified to cater for the needs of children with special needs.

This infographic from Woodstock Motors outlines

which type of car seat is most suitable for the age and size of your children, as well as offering advice for

purchasing child car seats. As a UK-based company, the regulations specified in the infographic are

tailored to a UK audience, but elsewhere the information it contains is highly useful to parents on a

universal level.

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