7 Road Safety Tips to Remember (Infographic)

For many people, learning to drive is an important skill to hone and master. However, many people don’t realize that driving does not just end on learning how to turn the steering wheel and when to step on the gas pedal. In order to become a true driver, one must also understand the basics of safe driving and apply it every time they hit the road.

While there are already hundreds of articles and how-to guides written about road safety, there are still some drivers who fail to change their bad driving behaviors and comply with traffic laws enforced in their locality. Remember, a bad driving behavior not only risks your life, but also the health and welfare of your passengers, of other drivers on the road, and of the pedestrians.

To sum up, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below provided by iChoose.ph which seven road safety tips that you need to know to become a better and safer driver.

  1. Follow traffic sign. Familiarize yourself with different traffic signs so you can react immediately when you see them on the road.
  2. Buckle up for safety. You can never tell when an accident will happen, so you better keep your seatbelts fastened until you reach your destination.
  3. Don’t drink and drive. The best-case scenario when you do this is when a police officer pulled you over. We hope that the worst-case scenario will stop you from driving under the influence of alcohol.
  4. Give courtesy to other cars and drivers. Know how to use hazard lights and horn when making turns or in during an emergency situation.
  5. Be calm and patient. Don’t let the scramble of traffic get the best of you.
  6. Be alert and practice defensive driving. Be alert when driving because you never know when another driver might come into your lane, or when a pedestrian might cross the street.

Check out the infographic below to learn more.

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    • Bobby Saint

      Date : 08 Feb Reply

      I appreciate you sharing some road safety tips to remember such as always wearing seatbelts. It is important that both driver and passenger wear their seatbelt as a safety precaution. It’s also definitely a no-no to drink and drive. Simple obedience to traffic rules and regulations could spell the difference between life and death. If I were to enroll my son in driving school, I would definitely make sure that these rules are followed. Thanks.

    • John

      Date : 01 Jul Reply

      Nicely written. Fatigue is a silent killer, where most of us ignore in driving. We think that we can continue without a rest since driving is natural for an experience person, which is totally wrong. I f you are tired make sure that you take a rest

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