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Sprint Driving School is the one of the most reliable Driving Schools in North York and Toronto that provide you with the Best Professional Driving School Services .

Our Mission is To Help Create a Safe Driving Environment by Providing The Best Professional Driving Training. Call us today at 647-430-1925 or REGISTER for the driving course here.

Sprint Driving School is your reliable provider of MTO Approved BDE (Beginner Driving Education) Program. We provide you with the full BDE MTO Approved Course and Driving Lessons in North York and Toronto area.

Sprint Driving School in North York guarantees BEST QUALITY of the Full MTO APPROVED BDE Course and other Driving School Services in North York and GTA for the BEST VALUE!

Known as the best driving school in North York, we have 20 years of experience in helping our students learn the art of driving. Our goal is to help you to learn and gain confidence!

We specialize in teaching collision-free, defensive driving techniques.

Sprint Driving School Services include driving lessons in all Toronto’s area. From driving tests to refresher courses, our friendly and experienced instructors speaking different languages will help you to achieve your goal quickly and affordably.

Sprint Driving School Services

  • In-Class Training
  • Driving Lessons
  • Complete Driving Packages

In-Class training

Aside of programs designed for students preparing for their G2 or G road tests, we also provide theory preparation for students seeking to take the G1 written examination.

Our PassYourTest program contains 10 hours of in-class lectures, and is specifically designed to prepare you for your written test. The program doesn’t only develop the understanding needed for passing the G1 examination, but also explains why certain laws and regulations are in place, or how to become a better driver in the future.

Young Drivers/Beginners

Young drivers have always been our priority. We feel grate responsibility for educating the tomorrows drivers as our mission is to help create a safe driving environment. Our Driving School Services provide In-Class and In-Vehicle Integrated Program . That program ensures continuity between the theory portion of the program taught in a classroom setting and the in-car portion of our program. What our students learn in the classroom is what they practise in the car. Our in-class instructors teach skills like freeway/highway driving. They also teach head-on collision avoidance, gravel shoulder drop-off, rear crash avoidance – just to name a few. The Sprint Driving School in-car instructors demonstrate these life-saving techniques. Our students have the opportunity to practice these skills with a professional by their side. That means when it happens for real – they’ll know what to do!

New to Ontario

If you are a newcomer to Ontario and hold a driver’s licence from another province or country, you are required to apply for an Ontario driver’s licence within 60 days of residing in Ontario and you are legally allowed to drive in Ontario for 60 days before an exchange is required.

You will have to take a second level road test to receive a G full driver’s license.

Sprint Driving School Services include the training that will teach you the Ontario’s road rules specifics, introduce you to the test requirements and prepare you for a successful road test. You don’t want to arrive for your road exam with no idea of what to expect and this is where we can help you. Take a driving lesson in Toronto area with the Sprint Driving School and learn what it takes to pass the road test.

Senior’s Re-test

If you are a senior and you’ve got a request to take a driving test, you probably need some help. You need to have an idea of what to expect during the road test. Let us evaluate your driving. If we feel that you can be a safe road user and successfully pass the road test, Sprint Driving School will do its best to help you prepare. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

If you think you’re ready for your road test but don’t have a car, Sprint Driving School will take care of you. We not only supply the car for the driving test, but you will get some valuable advice from a great driving instructor, who, as an experienced professional, knows what it takes to pass the G2 or G road test.

Driving School Services - driving lessons, driving packages, driving licence and driving test

Sprint Driving School Services in North York and Toronto

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    • Andy Harrison

      Date : 04 Apr Reply

      Having a driving school like this can be very helpful for a lot of people. I remember taking a drivers-ed class in high school, but there wasn’t as much instruction. For younger drivers, they should be taught how to drive in multiple conditions. That way, it better prepares them for driving on the road by themselves.

    • Nino

      Date : 20 Feb Reply

      I took my first ever driving lessons with Igor Isaev. I had never driven before and after only 13 lessons, I passed my G2 test my first try.
      He taught me proper ways of holding and steering the wheel.
      How to adjust mirrors and check my blindspots.
      Make left turns and right turns (in any situation, with many practices)
      How to reverse park, front park, parallel park, downhill/uphill park and do a three point turn.
      He booked my test and I used the driving school car for my G2. He took me to my driving test (to Newmarket) and drove me back home.
      I was fully prepared for my test (I had to perform everything he taught me on my test except for parallel park).

      He is absolutely a wonderful instructor as he helped me become a successful and confident driver.
      Thank you very much, Igor. I am looking forward to my G license lessons next year.

    • Julian Lalicon

      Date : 04 Jul Reply

      Do we have to take the in class part of the Package? Because it’s to prepare for your g1 but I already have my g1

    • dantaylor6523

      Date : 20 Nov Reply

      Thanks for elaborating this best information about driver-education. It’s really helpful to us.

    • Alexander

      Date : 11 Nov Reply

      Took driving lessons with Igor, passed my G2 today. Instructor taught me everything I needed, so the test was really easy.
      Really positive experience, thank you!

    • Ashley

      Date : 08 Oct Reply

      Took driving lessons with Yosef. I never drove before and with about 12 lessons I was able to pass my G2 on the first try.
      The instructor was really nice and thought me everything I needed to know for the road test, making it easy for me to pass.
      He took his time and did not rush anything. Overall it was a great experience!

      Thank You, Yosef. Can’t wait to start practicing for my G license!

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