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Ontario Passes Legislation to Improve Road Safety

New Rules Will Help Reduce Collisions, Injuries and Fatalities June 2, 2015 12:30 P.M. Ministry of Transportation Today, Ontario passed the Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act to help ensure that the province’s roads are among the safest in North America. In order to reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities on Ontario’s roads, the new act will: […]


Texting while driving leads to $1,000 fine + 3 demerit points

$1,000 tickets for distracted driving, $500 for biking without a light and other laws to hit Ontario streets and more demerit points… Drivers who text behind the wheel, who “door” passing cyclists or drive stoned will face much stiffer fines under a new Ontario law that increases fines for some offences up to $1,000 + 3 demerit points. […]