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Distracted driving kills

The Deadly Truth About Distracted Driving – Distracted driving kills Yes – the distracted driving kills. If you text when you’re driving, you are 23 times more likely to crash. You may think that when you’re texting you can still focus on the road but it is simply not true. So much can happen on […]


Tint car windows in the winter

Most guides that talk about why you should tint car windows focus on summer. After all, tinted car windows lessen the heat from the sun when it gets the most unbearable. It also significantly protects your eyes from the sun’s glare, increase safety and security by holding together window shards during an accident and not […]


Car Tires -Take Proper Care of them

 Take Proper Care of Your Car Tires – Infographic All you need to know about car tires: a guide by first aid wheels The importance of car tires comes down to logic as simple as this: without a good set of them, you won’t go too far. Those black circles around your wheels keep the vehicle […]


Tires – Take Proper Care of it Infographic

It is very easy for us to take our car’s tires for granted. To the naked eye, tires will rarely seem anything but perfect. However, every time you drive, you are gradually wearing them down and eventually the tread will vanish. Furthermore, car’s tires with a very low tread depth are a safety hazard, as they will find […]