It is very easy for us to take our car’s tires for granted.

To the naked eye, tires will rarely seem anything but perfect. However, every time you drive, you are gradually wearing them down and eventually the tread will vanish. Furthermore, car’s tires with a very low tread depth are a safety hazard, as they will find it a lot harder to grip road surfaces. Think of it this way: would you drink 2-3 beers and then go for a drive, knowing that alcohol consumption impairs your judgement behind the wheel? Not a chance would you attempt to drive in that scenario. Driving on worn or wrongly- inflated tires can be equally hazardous.

Basic tires checks such as monitoring tread and pressure are not at all difficult or expensive to do. All you need is a tread depth gauge and a pressure gauge, both of which are easy to use. Performing these simple checks can help you identify if your tires are unsafe and take action if it is needed. Likewise, rotating your tires every few months is highly recommended, as tires at the front of your car will wear a lot quicker than those at the back. Therefore, rotating them every 5,000-6,000 miles will ensure that all of your tyres wear at an equal pace.

This infographic from Titan outlines how you can perform basic car’s tyres checks and why it is so important to keep your tyres in top condition. Essentially, if your tyres give up on you, forget about trying to go anywhere.

Tires and how to properly take care of them

Tires and how to properly take care of them

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