Road Safety Apps?


It is ironic to think that using your smartphone when driving could cause a collision if you become distracted, but it is also a device that could actually make you a safer driver when it is used responsibly.

Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents and road safety campaigns are constantly warning us of the dangers. The information below shows you how to make use of several road safety apps that are designed to let you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Are you interested in apps that are aimed at teenagers and parents who want to monitor their teens’ driving and make sure they’re driving safely? Or may be you are interested in an app to help control speed or in a Voice and Gesture Control Apps?

Check out the full road safety apps guide, whichever combination of apps you decide to install and use, hopefully the technology will help you to stay safer on the road.

Top Road Safety Apps

Sprint Drive First


The Drive First app detects when you are driving. It then automatically responds to calls and texts by letting callers know you’re behind the wheel and unable to take their call or respond immediately.

CloudCar Justdrive


This free connectivity app is aimed at reducing driver distraction. Car manufacturers like Jaguar and Land Rover are incorporating it into their Apple iOS8 infotainment platform. It is being bundled with programs like Spotify and Twitter in a hands-free voice-activated package.

AT&T DriveMode


This app silences incoming messages while driving and can be set to automatically turn on when you reach 15mph. It offers you a list of up to five contacts you can call hands-free. Parents of young drivers can receive a text message if the app is turned off.

iBolt Dock’n Drive


The iBOLT Dock’n Drive encourages drivers to use their Smartphones responsibly while abiding by today’s hands-free laws. It promises to “Turn any Android phone into a true driving assistant” by pairing their dock with the innovative Dock’n Drive “home screen” App, which has large buttons for easy access to functions on your phone while driving.

Aegis Mobility Fleetsafer


Fleetsafer is aimed at employers who want to encourage their employees to drive safely. The app detects the driving state and automatically puts the mobile device into safe mode. It uses a curtain screen to block access and silences all notifications and alerts until the journey has been completed.


See the full list here: road safety apps guide,

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