The first step in helping your child become a successful driver is picking a good driving school for them. This way your child will complete a program approved by the provincial government, ensuring your child is well prepared and taught. In Ontario, driver education courses are made up of in class training (25 hours) and in car driving lessons (10 hours).

Keeping this in mind, once you begin researching driving schools in your neighborhood, make sure to look thoroughly through their package information and confirm that they are accredited by the government and have experience in the field. Further, these factors should be considered and evaluated: safe learning environment both in class and in the car, meaning the car is in good shape. You and your child can both ask to visit the facilities prior to choosing a driving school to ensure your child feels comfortable in that environment.

While high schools often offer administered driver education courses by the school board, private companies in the city also offer the courses. The material and training covered should be consistent among all programs. To confirm this simply ensure the curriculum offered by the school covers these topics and more: driving in abnormal conditions, managing risk on the road and tactics of defensive driving. A great tool that adds to the excellence level of the school is the use of progress reports to provide constant evaluation of the student, keeping them on track.

It is important to make sure lessons do not exceed the desired ratio of students per instructor both in in-class and in-vehicle lessons. The student should be evaluated in different situations on the road in addition to basic maneuvers to ensure your child is prepared for varying situations on the road. Once your child is prepared for the road test you could consult the driving instructor to see if their vehicle is offered to use during the examination as well as if they provide a pre-exam lesson. This often helps students feel more comfortable before the exam.

The driver education courses that are offered by different companies vary in their cost however, as they are all accredited, by completing such a course you are entitled to a reduced car insurance for your new driver. The amount you save does not correlate with the cost of the program. The best driving course is not the most expensive course either – remember about it while looking for a good driving school.

Read driving school student’s reviews, especially on Facebook or Google places, as those students are real people.

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