Top Tips On a Healthy Diet for Drivers 

Whether you are a long haul driver or a worker who uses a car to reach the workplace on time, having good health can make a difference between a life and death situation. Sticking to a healthy diet becomes even more challenging when you’re frequently on the road and need both energy and alertness to complete the journey. As a result, you end up having an unhealthy lifestyle that eventually leads to weight gain. Research published by ‘Road Safety in Canada’ shows that distracted drivers are the main cause of fatalities and injuries on the road. However, with simple and easy to follow diet programs, you can stay energized, alert and avoid burnout.

Here are some reasons as to why good health and a nutritious diet will make you a better driver.

Improves eyesight

Having good eyesight is essential for every driver, including those who are going for their drivers test for the first time. Recent research shows that a balanced diet tends to incorporate nutrient-rich foods that are laden with Vitamin A which promotes good vision, a well-functioning immune system, and bone growth. You can get this vitamin from animal-derived food products such as omega 3 fatty acids as well as colorful fruits and vegetables like carrots.

Boosts memory

healthy diet improves memory, concentration and thinking skills which will come in handy when faced with a difficult driving decision in which you have to make a quick decision. While coffee may make you more alert, the trick to staying healthy is to drink it in moderation. Go for foods that are rich in Vitamin E such as avocado, peanut butter, dark green leafy vegetables, and nuts.

Benefits overall well-being

By working out, eating right and getting adequate sleep you will protect your health against diseases such as obesity, high cholesterol and back pains. Start by doing short exercise and get at least 6 hours of sleep to be alert and to ensure you always practise safe driving skills. Stretching is one of the best workouts for long distance drivers as it requires very little space, can be done anywhere and requires no equipment.

Healthy diet and nutrition have a crucial role in the overall well-being of a driver.  While it can be hard for a driver to exercise and eat a healthy meal especially when they have to be in the car for many hours, the trick is to start with small habits. By choosing to live a healthy lifestyle, you will keep your body safe from any work related injuries.

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