Beginner Driver Education

Beginner Driver Education In Class Driving Course Homework

Beginner Driver Education

MTO approved driving school – BDE in class course material


Beginner Driver Education Home Assignment #1 

Beginner Driver Education Home Assignment #2

Beginner Driver Education Home Assignment #3

Beginner Driver Education Home Assignment #4


While it’s not a requirement for a G1 road test, a Ministry of Transportation (MTO) approved BDE course is the way to start your driving education. You will learn a lot about how to become a safe driver, how to react to the certain dangerous situation on the road. What are the limitation and allowances of each driver licence category. How to take care of your vehicle to stay safe on the road and much more…
You may be eligible to reduce the time you spend at the G1 level if you successfully complete a ministry-approved BDE course with an MTO licensed school and in-class driving  instructor. Completing a ministry-approved BDE course may also provide you with a potential insurance rate discounts.
Be sure to choose a licensed, quality driving school.  Schools that are not MTO approved have no authority to instruct G1 drivers. In-class and in-car driving instructors must work for a licensed BDE driving school to teach G1 students. To find an approved MTO BDE course provider and read more about it – visit the MTO website

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Beginner Driver Education

MTO Approved BDE Provider

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