Learning to Drive with Young Kids in the Car


Taking your car out for a spin, to visit people, or pick up groceries on your own is one thing. You’re responsible for your own safety and those driving or walking or cycling around you. However, when you have small kids in the car, it is completely different. There is much to consider even before you drive off.

And here’s why it is vital – over 600 kids under the age of 13 die in the U.S. in car accidents. More than 120,000 are injured to some degree. A lot of this can be avoided by correctly installing and using baby seats and booster seats, and driving more responsibly.

This is why, as a young mother of two girls, I’ve worked on an article to cover these topics. It outlines exactly what happens to kids on the road each year, the main causes, and offers a wide range of practical tips on how you can drive more safely with kids in your car.

Please follow the link below to read the An Essential Parent & Child Driving Safety Guide

Stay safe on the road

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