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  • Pass Written Test Strategy

    To help you to successfully pass written test for getting G1 driving licence, we've prepared for you the "Pass Written Test Strategy" Infographic.

  • Safe Driver Test online free

    Test yourself to know if you are a safe driver

  • Road Test Top Mistakes

    Feeling nervous about your driving test?

  • Pre Drive Test Fear - Top 5 tips for reducing your!

    Top 7 tips for reducing your pre drive test fear!

  • Facts on Safe Teen Driving for parents!

    Learn the keys to safer teen driving and gain the skills and knowledge needed to be safe on the road.

  • Written test and driving test mistakes

    The most common mistakes on the written and driving test

  • Learn from best driving school

    Learn to drive from the North York Best Driving School - SPRINT.

  • How To Find A Good Driving Instructor

    How to Find the Right Driving School or How To Find A Good Driving Instructor

  • Driver License and Overcoming Challenges On The Road

    Every parent gets at least a little nervous when their son or daughter turns 16 and starts talking about getting their driver license.

MTO Approved BDE Courses

MTO Approved BDE Courses

Our Driving School guarantees the best quality of MTO Approved BDE Courses. Known as one of the best driving schools in North York, we have 20 years of experience in helping our students learn the art of driving. What our students learn in the classroom is what they practice in the car with the driving instructor.

Private in-car driving lessons

Private in-car driving lessons

Our Driving School in-car instructors demonstrate all life-saving techniques during the driving lesson. Our students have the opportunity to practice these skills with a professional by their side. That means when it happens in real life – they’ll know what to do!

Great Experience with our driving school

Great Experience with our driving school

We do our best to provide parents with the most reliable service and teach their teenage kids the art of driving. We take the trust and the responsibility for tomorrow's safe drivers seriously. The great feedback from our students and their parents is our most valuable asset!